Open Role Weekend: Sa: Film + Tangocafé / So: Kurs

25. Aug bis 26. Aug

Sa 13.30 Film "Tango Queeerido" 15.00 Open Role Tangocafe So: 18.30 Workshops

Open Role Weekend at Tangotanzen Macht Schön

25. August
**13.30hs Screening of the documentary "Tango Queerido" by Liliana Furió and Julie August.
**15.00hs Open Role Tango Café (MILONGA) 
Dj: Celeste Rodríguez. (100% tradictional Tandas)

26. August
18.30hs Rollentausch's two-hour special class with Celeste Rodriguez and Kat Gorsuch.

Tango Queerido:
This is an inside view of the international tango queer movement.
In the documentary we show another way of interpreting this wonderful argentine/urugayan dance which expanded around the whole world. It is somehow a paradox that this dance (whith its traditional and macho structures) has been convirted into a tool which the LGTTB Community could appropriate. By changing the preassigned gender roles, tango serves for communication, contention, and political battle. The Queer Tango Movement spread around the world, facing resistance in the most conservative parts of each society, above all in countries where homofobia is part of the governing philosophy.

Rollentausch Tango Class:
In this class we will work on exchanging roles to help us have a deeper understanding of the dance. It is not just a dance of leading and following, but dancing together. A good leader, knows how to follow and knows what they are asking. A good follower, knows how to ask, "read" and interpret.
The idea is to move fluidly in the embrace, not only just to change roles in the dance. This way, we can better understand what it takes to be on the other side, moving freely and with comfort.
We invite you to expand our horizon in tango, and improve our dance.

Entrance Fee: 
Milonga €6
Documentary + Milonga €12
Class €20
!!!!Promo full weekend!!!!€30