Clarisa Aragon & Jonathan Saavedra - World Champions 2015

03. Jun

Workshops im TTMS, Nou und Mala Junta im Rahmen des Embrace Tangofestival Berlin

Clarisa and Jonathan, World Champions 2015 (Tango de Pista) in Berlin!!!

Their first steps as a professional couple were given in their home province, Córdoba, where they had unconditional support from their beginnings to the successive stages which they would then encounter in their artistic future. With great effort, absolute dedication, hard work and a lot of study, these young talented dancers managed to bring out the best in teach other, uniting themselves in an embrace and creating a unique and sincere style.
After winning the World Championship (category Tango de Pista) in 2015 they started to travel all over the world and enthralled the audience with their outstanding shows and dedicated teacher skills. (More here:

We are happy to welcome Clarí & Jonathan to our community festival for shows (infos will follow) and workshops! The workshops are a collaboration between Mala Junta Berlin, Tangotanzen macht schön and Nou Tango Berlin.

Saturday, June 3rd @ Tangotanzen macht schön (TTMS):

12:00-13:30 (WS-01): Abrazo: connection, space and adaption in individual and shared axis (all levels) 
14:00 - 15:30 (WS-02): Floating circular movements (intermediate)

Sunday, June 4th @ Nou Mitte:

13:00-14:30 (WS-03a): Men's technic: Movement analysis and individual improvisation (all levels) 
13:00-14:30 (WS-03b) Women's technic: Technic and attitude in the embrace (all levels) 
15:00-16:30 (WS-04) Pista & floorcraft: Use of dance space by changing the direction (intermediate)

Monday, June 5th @ Mala Junta Berlin:

13:00-14:30 (WS-05) Musicality: Orchestras (advanced) 
15:00-16:30 (WS-06) Sacadas: Intention and control (advanced)

1 WS = 30/25* EUR / 2 WS = 56/46* EUR / 3 WS = 81/69* EUR / 4 WS = 104/84* EUR / 5 WS = 125/100* EUR / 6 WS = 150/120* EUR 

Dies ist eine Gemeinschaftseinladung der drei großen Berliner Tangoschulen: TTMS, Nou und Mala Junta

Anmeldung/Inscriptions for all workshops please:

*reduced price for students and unemployed with Berlin-Pass